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“La voix des sans voix”

La chasse aux opposants prend de plus en plus de l’ampleur

Vague d’arrestations arbitraires depuis ce samedi des leaders du parti CNL et des anciens officiers Ex-FAB de l’ethnie tutsie et natif de la province Bururi. La population locale, en particulier les membres du CNL, redoutent un plan visant la persécution des opposants politiques originaires de cette province.

Her new husband abandoned her with a pregnancy

She has been trying to survive with her four children in Nakivale camp in Uganda since 2016. J.K says her second husband left without saying goodbye to him.

‘My husband was beating me all day long’

At 28, J.N has three children. This Burundian says her husband was assassinated in Burundi in 2017 while they were fleeing the country. According to her, another husband she met in the Nakivale refugee camp spent days beating her.

She was impregnated by ‘a friend of her aunt’s’

This girl claims that she was pregnant by a business partner of her aunt in Burundi. After refusing to admit that he was the father of the child, the girl, who still resided with her aunt, decided to join her parents in the Nakivale refugee camp.

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